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Bingo Social is an electronic bingo machine. There are two models, with VOICE and without voice. In the photo, you can see the Front side and the rear side.

 bingo-machine electronic-bingo-machine

The electronic Bingo Machine has this parts

On the front side there are:

– A screen of 90 numbers
– 2-digit display to see the last number drawn
– And the buttons are:

  • Volume control
  • Button to start. Clears the current game and leaves the computer ready to start a new game
  • Button to draw. Each time it is pressed, device will draw a completely random number.
  • Button to redial sound.

On the rear side:
– BIG DISPLAY with the last number drawn

Bingo Social with VOICE, “sings” the number drawn. This option includes volume control and push-button to redial the last number drawn as many times as the user wishes to do so. Also included is a “jack” connection which can connect to any sound system in the room. The voice can be English, Spanish, Germany, Italian… any language or any voice

The other model, without voice, has are only 2 buttons and it is easier to play. The button to draw and the start button.

Besides, we have other complements to play with Bingo Social, the electronic bingo machine with VOICE. These bingo equipment are:

External display with the last number drawn. This complement operates automatically with the electronic bingo machine. It is connected by special wire, and you can choose the distance that you want to install it.

display bingo electronico

External large display of 90 numbers. On this big screen, you can see and follow the game very well, because it is very big. It operates automatically with the electronic bingo machine. There are two models, with last number drawn or without last number drawn.


When you have the electronic bingo machine, you can install the complements that you want. Because it is designed to connect every complement in the series.

If you want a electronic bingo machine, contact us

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